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Spongik eco-friendly dishwashing sponge made from hemp and cellulose, natural and plastic free kitchen sponge with soap

Innovative kitchen sponge set with a unique sponge tray that instantly absorbs water and helps the sponge to dry faster, reducing bacteria growth. 

The scrubbing sponges are infused with chemical-free dishwashing soap. 


Made from plant-based cellulose, hemp, and cotton, all our kitchen sponges are biodegradable and compostable. Differently from the conventional dish-washing sponges that are made from 2 types of plastic, can't be recycled, and instead will take 52,000 to degrade into microplastics. Plastic is not cool, let's switch to eco-friendly sponges!


Starter Set is a great combination of 2 Soap Scrubbing sponges (for dishes) that have a natural dishwashing soap inside and 6 Pop-Up Surface sponges (for dishes and the kitchen counter) + our signature Sponge Dryer that makes the kitchen look beautiful and organized.


- Free from plastics, microplastics, chemicals

- Hand-sewn with cotton thread instead of plastic adhesives

- Plant-based, vegan

- Dishwasher safe

- Industry compostable, biodegradable, zero waste

- Funded with Kickstarter, 2021

- C-IDEA: NewStar Award, 2021

- Core 77: Notable Design Award, Community Choice Award, 2022

Starter Set: soap infused plastic-free kitchen sponges

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  • What's included

    2 Soap Scrubbing Sponges

    6 Pop-Up Surface Sponges

    1 Sponge Dryer

  • Only Natural Materials

    Scrubbing Sponge: cellulose, hemp, cotton, natural soap

    Expandable Sponge: cellulose

    Sponge Dryer: diatomaceous earth

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