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Magical Sponge Drying Rack

A unique diatomite Sponge Drying Rack instantly absorbs water and helps the sponge to dry faster, reducing bacteria build-up. Spongik's versatile design makes the kitchen look beautiful and organized. Place it vertically, horizontally, or even between the kitchen sink and the tiles for optimal space saving. Hang or lay down the sponge on the rack to dry. Dry 2 sponges at a time, when positioned vertically


How does the magic work?

Diatomaceous earth is a raw material made of the fossilized remains of algae. It is fast-drying and mold-resistant. Diatomaceous material attracts and binds bacteria, causing it to dry out. The remains of moisture rapidly evaporate by being exposed to greater surface area through millions of pores. Quick elimination of moisture helps the kitchen sponge to dry faster and reduce breeding of bacteria.


Why is it awesome?

- Free from plastics, microplastics, chemicals

- Industry compostable, vegan, zero waste

- Spongik was funded with Kickstarter in 2021

- C-IDEA: NewStar Award, 2021

- Core 77: Notable Design Award, Community Choice Award, 2022


To clean, rinse the surface with mild soap and brush the stains under running water then air dry. Handle with care and avoid dropping.

Magical Sponge Drying Rack

Choose Dryer Color
  • What's included

    1 Sponge Drying Rack

  • Only Natural Materials

    diatomaceous earth

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