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LUFO Reusable face sponges: Spa Set

LUFO is a multipurpose face sponge that instantly refreshes and cleans the skin, anytime and anywhere. The highly absorbent fibres of the sponge help to unclog blocked pores, providing instant refreshment to the skin. LUFO exfoliates the skin in a natural way and stimulates skin microcirculation, which allows for deep cleansing of the epidermis and aids in collagen reproduction.


The set includes a special sponge a dryer, that instantly absorbs moisture from its surface. When the wet sponge is placed on the drying tray, the moisture gets pulled out from the sponge. Quick elimination of moisture helps the sponge to dry faster, reducing bacteria growth. And it keeps the bathroom clean and organized. 


LUFE Face Sponge is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It is made out of pure cellulose - plant & wood pulp based natural and sustainable material that biodegrades without any harm to the environment.

LUFO Reusable face sponges: Spa Set

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