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Plastic-free biodegradable kitchen sponge with a Spongik drying rack in charcoal colour

This biodegradable, compostable, plastic-free sponge is made from cellulose, cotton, and hemp. Spongik's signature water drop shape is ergonomic and perfectly fits in the hand, while the pointy edge is designed to clean hard-to-reach corners of glasses and bowls. The sponge is gentle enough not to scratch the dishes and the non-stick layer of the pans and pots.

Conventional dish-washing sponges are made from 2 types of plastics. They can't be recycled, and will take 52,000 to degrade into microplastics. According to recent studies, on average people ingest 5 grams of microplastics per week. Researches have found microplastics in human blood and in every organ.

Why Spongik is awesome:


- Free from plastics, microplastics, chemicals

- Hand-sewn with cotton thread instead of plastic adhesives

- Plant-based, industry compostable, vegan, zero waste

- Spongik was funded with Kickstarter in 2021

- C-IDEA: NewStar Award, 2021

- Core 77: Notable Design Award, Community Choice Award, 2022

Hemp Kitchen Sponge

Price Options
One-time purchase
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$2.13every 3 months until canceled
  • What's included

    1 Scrubbing Sponge

    or select a different pack size with a discount

  • Only Natural Materials

    cellulose, hemp, cotton

  • Subscription Gift

    Sponge Drying Rack will be added to every 4th shipment (once per year), free of charge.

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