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LUFO, The Sustainable & Charcoal-Infused Reusable Face Sponge That Is Out Of This World!

LUFO has reached it's funding goal just in 24h on Kickstarter crowd-funding platform.

A good pamper is always a treat. It all begins with a splash of water and a face sponge - an astronomical love story!

Young woman cleaning her face with LUFO, I love UFO charcoal face sponge
LUFO face sponge looks like a flying saucer when it lands on the drying tray

Introducing LUFO natural & charcoal-infused reusable face sponge, the plastic-free eco-friendly expandable pocket pal designed to be used to infinity and beyond. LUFO (which stands for ‘Love UFO’, in case you’re wondering) isn’t your ordinary face sponge; it has been designed by the zero-plastic products specialists, One Pure Wold, with the intention of serving as multiple products in one, with the aim of reducing the amount of skincare products you buy, and eliminating the plastic waste they are contained in.

LUFO space face sponge charcoal infused, eco-friendly and reusable.
LUFO charcoal face sponge special features

LUFO is IS supernatural in it's naturE.

Dip it in water and dab it on your skin on a hot steamy day for instant refreshment, just like a face cloth. Substitute it for your single-use cotton disk to remove makeup. Use it in place of a liquid face scrub (which usually contains harmful chemicals and microbeads that, not only, cause harm to your skin but also our environment). Or, why not take it with you to the gym or on a run in its handy travel pouch to pat yourself dry? It’ll certainly reduce the dirty towels in your laundry basket - winner!

Man wipes off sweat from his face with LUFO face sponge on a hot day
LUFO is the best reusable travel sponge, which is very effective to refresh the face on a hot day or after a jog or a work-out.

LUFO is composed of pure cellulose, a plant-based pulp that is completely biodegradable. Meaning, when you’ve completely made the most of it, you can simply chuck it in your compostable waste bin without fretting about whether it’ll really be recycled.

LUFO is made out of natural and biodegradable materials such as cellulose and charcoal

Feeling Alien? You’re Not Alone…

You might have noticed that the majority of skincare products are aimed at women, as if men don’t need to cleanse their skin, too. Well, LUFO’s charcoal infused face sponge was specifically developed with men’s resilient skin in mind - here to break the stigma and hurl stereotypes into outer space!

Man enjoys using LUFO charcoal face sponge to exfoliate and detox his skin
Charcoal infused LUFO sponge is the best for the man's skin

Men’s skin is understood to be thicker, tougher and oilier, and is precisely why (m)aliens should be washing their face, too. LUFO charcoal sponge is ideal for men as its gentle, yet deep-cleaning, abilities provide a perfect balance between pristine and rugged. Something for men to keep in mind is, washing your face before you shave is essential. Any oil, dry skin and dirt on your face will make it difficult for the razor-blade to glide smoothly over your skin, affecting the quality of your shave.

Bid farewell to alienation - LUFO provides our guys with a multifunctional skincare product to not only care for their skin but also to feel refreshed and included in the cosm(et)ic world that is so inaccessible to men and outrageously targeted at women.

LUFO is Sustainable, Innovative & Effective!

LUFO comes in two versions, Natural and Charcoal. LUFO Natural cleanses and exfoliates your skin, stimulating circulation and promoting collagen production for a smoother complexion. While LUFO Charcoal does all that and then some! It gives your skin a deeper clean by extracting toxins from the skin and unclogs pores of excess oil, leaving your skin free from impurities. And, this might come as a surprise to some but charcoal is actually quite gentle which makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

LUFO is also accompanied by an innovative drying tray accessory, so you can rest easy knowing your sponge has its own clean surface to dry on in between uses. Composed of a sustainable natural material, diatomite, the tray instantly absorbs water particles making sure your sponge dries quickly, reducing the chance of bacterial growth inside or on top of it. This is an essential feature that helps the sponges last even longer than other conventional ones on the market!

takE care of your skin while taking care of our planet, with LUFO.

Check it out on Kickstarter for a pre-order.

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