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Want healthier skin? try LUFO | eco charcoal sponge

Breaking gender boundaries while deep-cleaning, exfoliating the skin & unclogging pores.
Comes with an innovative drying tray.

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Introducing LUFO Natural & Charcoal-Infused Reusable Face Sponge, the plastic-free eco-friendly expandable pocket pal designed to be used to infinity and beyond. 

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Want naturally glowing skin?

Exfoliating the skin daily is the key to boosting cell turnover for smoother, brighter skin. It helps to remove dead skin cells, revealing the fresh, young cells below. Exfoliation stimulates circulation,  helps to prevent breakouts, and evens out the skin tone. 


LUFO (which stands for ‘Love UFO’, in case you’re wondering) isn’t your ordinary face sponge, it has been designed with the careful intention of serving as multiple products in one, with the aim of reducing the amount of skincare products you buy, and eliminating the plastic waste they are contained in.


LUFO stimulates skin microcirculation, deep cleans the epidermis, and improves collagen reproduction.

The highly absorbent fibres of the sponge help to unclog blocked pores, providing instant refreshment to the skin. Greasy skin from sunscreen, sweat and natural oils, will feel fresh and clean after just a quick wipe. 

Out of this world feeling of freshness!


LUFO cleans the face from sweat, grease, dirt, make-up, facial masks, excess oils and dead skin cells.

Feeling alien? you are not alone...


You might have noticed that the majority of skincare products are aimed at women, as if men don’t need to cleanse their skin, too. Well, LUFO's charcoal infused sponge was specifically developed with men’s resilient skin in mind - here to break the stigma and hurl stereotypes into outer space!


Men’s skin is understood to be thicker, tougher and oilier, and is precisely why (m)aliens should be washing their face, too. This charcoal infused face sponge is ideal for men as its gentle, yet deep-cleaning, abilities provide a perfect balance between pristine and rugged.

Something for men to keep in mind is, washing your face and exfoliating before you shave is essential. Any oil, dry skin and dirt on your face will make it difficult for the razor blade to glide smoothly over your skin, affecting the quality of your shave.


The benefits of charcoal infused sponge:

- Naturally exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin
- Shrinks appearance of pores
- Has a nourishing effect

Activated charcoal cleans the skin by removing oil, debris and dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. It can also temporarily shrink the look of pores for smoother-looking skin. Differently from skincare products with activated charcoal, charcoal face sponge is very gentle on the skin. It is suitable for all skin types.


Special drying tray

If you ever used a reusable face sponge you’ve definitely encountered the problem of not knowing where to dry the sponge between uses. If you lay the sponge down on the bathroom counter, a large surface area of the sponge remains wet for a long time. This moisture facilitates the breeding of bacteria and the sponge starts to smell bad. If you put the sponge upright against something, it usually rolls and falls over, gets dirty and needs to be rinsed again.


LUFO Face Sponge comes with a dryer, which is made out of diatomite material that instantly absorbs moisture from its surface.

Keeps your bathroom organized

When the wet sponge is placed on the drying tray, the moisture gets pulled out from the sponge. Quick elimination of moisture helps the sponge to dry faster, reducing bacteria growth.


What is this magical material?

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring mineral that is made of algae that has fossilized over millions of years. Diatomaceous earth has versatile benefits, it is added as a powder to a variety of household and hygiene products including toothpastes, skin scrubs, dietary supplements, pet nutrition products, etc.

Kickstarter-LUNEsponge-drying tray.gif

The minimalistic look and neutral colours of the sponge drying trays are designed to complement your bathroom interior and add a designer’s touch to your bathroom sink. LUNE sponge and the drying tray look beautiful in any bathroom.

100% natural and biodegradable materials

LUNE Face Sponge is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It is made out of pure cellulose - plant & wood pulp based natural and sustainable material that biodegrades without any harm to the environment. Cellulose is the structural component of all plant cells and it is the most abundant natural material on the planet.


LUNE Face Sponge creates NO waste! It is 100% compostable. Materials like cellulose and charcoal come from nature and at the end of their lifecycle go back into nature. Take care of our planet while taking care of your face!

Stop using non-recyclable single-use cotton rounds!


Did you know that conventional single-use cotton pads can’t be recycled in most countries?

More than 15 Billion one-time-use cotton pads are disposed annually adding to other non-recyclable waste in the landfills and oceans.
Single-use cotton pads are a part of a very big global issue, since they add to so many single-use products that pile up and pollute our planet, for example paper napkins, hand sanitizing wipes, menstrual pads and tampons, dental floss, water bottles, etc.

Take care of our planet while taking care of your face


LUNE exfoliates the skin in a natural way and stimulates skin microcirculation, which allows for deep cleansing of the epidermis and aids in collagen reproduction.

LUNE is also very effective when paired with a facial cleanser. Simply add your preferred product onto a wet sponge and gently work it over the face and neck in upward circular movements. The soft massage will leave the skin feeling fresh and velvety.

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