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Valeria Stroukova is a product, packaging, and branding designer with over 10 years of experience working in the beauty industry. She lived most of her life in Toronto and worked as industrial designer, creating products and collections for global brands like Sephora, Avon, Nocibe, Quo Beauty, etc. In 2015, Valeria re-located to Milan and studied Masters in Luxury Brand Management at Domus Academy, NABA.

In 2016, Valeria founded her own brand Krato Milano, a very unique men's jewellery line.


Valeria's focus has switched to sustainability when she moved to the coast of French Riviera in 2018. Being overwhelmed by seeing so much plastic waste in the sea, Valeria decided to switch to zero-plastic lifestyle and work for the brands that share similar eco vision. 

In 2021, Valeria designed biodegradable kitchen sponge and launched it on Kickstarter crowd-funding platform. The project was successfully funded and now being manufactured. Check Spongik out. 


Currently, Valeria is living in Malta and working with several international brands that require sustainable solutions for their packaging and branding. Check out some of the projects that she has worked on here.  

Spongik-Kickstarter-Beach Clen Up.jpg

Valeria is very dedicated to cleaning our planet from plastic pollution. In her spare time she cleans beaches and inspires others to participate and be more conscious about plastic use. Especially one-time-use plastics.

Follow Valeria's plastic free journey on social media:

Want to learn more about eco design or work with Valeria, contact het at


We live in a plastic world. Half of all plastics manufactured have been made in the last 15 years. Almost everything we use is made, or partially made, of plastic. Plastic is a great versatile and revolutionary material that helps to the drive progress. But the convenience of mass-use plastic comes at deadly costs. We can already clearly see the consequences of irresponsible plastic overconsumption.

Let’s shop to keep, to reuse, to share, to recycle.

As consumers, we have the power of making sustainable and responsible choices. Let’s use this power and choose brands and products that don’t harm the environment, use eco innovative materials, sustainable production methods, natural ingredients, and minimal to no packaging.

There are only a handful of companies that are 360° eco focused. These brands go the extra mile to produce awesome, stylish, innovative eco products, instead of choosing an easy path of ‘green-washing’ marketing. I've done an extensive research in the are of sustainable products and put together a blog that lists brands and products that are plastic free. 

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