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would you like to live in a world free from plastic trash?

together we can make it possible, one item at a time

daily necessities made from healthy eco materials


. made from cellulose & hemp

. soap infused

. fast drying, anti-bacterial


Award-winning dishwashing sponges with a special drying function


Multipurpose face sponge that detoxifies and exfoliates the skin

. charcoal infused

. reusable, travel friendly

. Charcoal infused bristles

. Horse hair bristles

. High Density 20 000 micro nano bristles


Luxurious Bamboo Toothbrushes
with micro nano bristles

as seen in


Bikinis made from recycled ocean plastic


. hand-made in Bali

. reversable (2 colors in 1)

. repurposed ocean plastic

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Plastic is everywhere, even in your body!

A decade ago scientists have been concerned about marine life dying from plastics. Now this concern has shifted towards humans. 

Researchers have found microplastics in human blood, in almost every organ, and even in breast milk.


How does microplastics get in your body?

According to latest research an average person ingests 5g of microplastics per week. Microplastics enters our body through food that we eat, especially the one packaged in plastic, from synthetic clothing, and even from air that we breath

Avoid using products that are made out of plastic

Choose products that are made out of natural materials. Here are some awesome ones that we love using:


 Cellulose is the most abundant natural organic compound on Earth. It is the main structural component of plant cells.


Hemp is antimicrobial and antibacterial. It is moisture absorbent, durable and long lasting.


A moisture absorbent mineral that is made of microscopic algae that have fossilized over millions of years


Charcoal has detoxifying effects that rid the body of toxins and oxidants.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on this planet. It produces 35% more oxygen than a tree.


Choose healthy products for you and for our planet

At One Pure World we are dedicated to reducing plastic. All of our products are plastic free and were created for your well-being. 

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